Channel Set Bar Pendant with One Gemstone

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Accentuate your natural beauty with this single stone modern channet set bar pendant.

  • made with either 100% recycled sterling silver, 100% recycled 10kt or 14kt yellow gold or 100% recycled 10kt or 14kt white gold. 
  • features a stunning round 5mm gemstone of your choice
  • pendant measures 9mm x 27mm
  • features an 18" long snake chain


JANUARY - Garnet, red

FEBRUARY - Amethyst, purple

MARCH - Aquamarine, pale blue, *synthetic

APRIL - Cubic Zirconia, clear

MAY - Emerald, dark green, synthetic

JUNE - Alexandrite, reddish-green, *synthetic

JULY - Ruby, red, synthetic

AUGUST - Peridot, lime green

SEPTEMBER - Sapphire, dark blue, *synthetic

OCTOBER - Pink Tourmaline, pink, *synthetic

NOVEMBER - Citrine, golden yellow

DECEMBER - Tanzanite, pale purple, *synthetic 

*synthetic gemstones will be used. All other stones will be genuine. 

For more information regarding stone quality, please refer to our blog post here.

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