Ring Sizing tips: A Handy Guide to finding the Perfect Fit.

Ring Sizing tips: A Handy Guide to finding the Perfect Fit.

Leander D'Ambrosia on 15th May 2015

Ring sizing. It’s probably the most frustrating thing about buying rings online for yourself, or when buying rings for your special someone. You’re shopping for the perfect engagement ring and don’t want to blow the secret by saying, “erm… I need your ring finger size. Just ‘cos …no reason!”. You have found a one of a kind ring online that you simply cannot live without. You want to add to your stacking ring set but can’t remember your size for the life of you. Let us be your guide and navigate you through the tricky task of finding the perfect fit!

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We come in all shapes and sizes – there is really no such thing as ‘an average ring size’. And what’s more, our own hands fluctuate in size from day to day, season to season. Often, each finger is a different measurement! Our fingers can jump in size depending on how much exercise we do or how much salt is in our lunch. The weather and even our heart rate can influence ring sizes. Yikes – with so many influencing factors, no wonder it can be tricky sometimes!

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Here are some of our tried and true ring sizing tips at Leander D’Ambrosia Wearables.

  1. Pardon the pun, but hands down, using a sizing tool is the most reliable means to determine your finger size. We have these super handy (I did it again, I can’t help myself!) multi-sizer ring sizing tools for sale at cost price in our shop. These things are so easy to use and you will be able to measure your fingers at different times of day, month or year to get a better understanding of your digits.
  2. Another option is to pop into your local jeweler and ask them to size you with their tools. Some stores might be reluctant, however it might be worth a shot!
  3. We came across this great link at amazon of all places. It’s a printable PDF that you can print, cut out and measure against. This one’s a good option if you are purchasing a ring for someone else – you can be sneaky and grab one of their rings (make sure it’s currently fits!) and compare the inside diameter against this chart.

Here at Leander D’Ambrosia Wearables each ring is made to order in any size. If you receive a Leander D'Ambrosia Wearables ring as a gift, or if you purchase a ring through one of our stockist's, we offer complimentary resizing for you. We will even cover the return shipping costs to you!

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