Keeping copper shiny & how to care for copper jewelry

Keeping copper shiny & how to care for copper jewelry

Leander D'Ambrosia on 14th May 2015

If you think copper metal is used only in plumbing, hot water heaters, distilling, sterilization and electrical gizmos, think again. Copper is quickly becoming a hot jewelry trend and steadily taking the stage as a popular alternative wearable metal. As precious metal prices soar and as gold and sterling silver become less accessible in inexpensive casual jewelry, copper is filling an important niche. 

Jewelry lovers have flocked to adorn themselves in pure copper wearables, lured by the naturally earthy tones, the warm look and feel and the sheer uniqueness of this beautiful rust colored metal. Some folks even claim that wearing copper jewelry reduces the aches and pains of arthritis. Despite it's beauty, price point and purported health benefits, copper isn't for everybody.

Factors to consider when contemplating wearing copper:

  • Oxidization (a.k.a darkening)

- Copper is a naturally reactive metal, meaning that it constantly changes color as the metal reacts to oxygen in our environment. In humid environments copper reacts and darkens more quickly than in dryer desert climates. If you live by the ocean, the salt in the air may cause the copper to turn a beautiful blue green hue. 

- Here at Leander D'Ambrosia Wearables, we take advantage of this unique reactivity and work to create beautiful blue green copper patinas. Our mission is to work with the natural oxidization to create stunning, colorful jewelry.

- Oxidization often enhances the look of jewelry and like a good wine, it gets better with age!LAYERED LINES RUSTIC DARK COPPER BANGLE

  • Keeping your copper polished

 - Despite the natural darkening, copper can be polished to a bright, pink finish. If you wear your copper bracelets, rings and necklaces daily, the natural abrasion against your skin will keep it nice and polished.

- If you want to prevent your copper from tarnishing while in storage, keep it in an air-tight environment (such as a ziplock bag).

- keep your copper jewelry away from humidity - (don't store your jewelry in the bathroom!)

- For smooth copper jewelry, stay on top of the tarnish by rubbing it with a cotton polishing cloth regularly. 

- For textured copper jewelry you can use a fine steel wool, a brillo pad or even a fine grade sandpaper to aggressively remove the layer of oxidization. 

- For stubborn oxidization, dab a blob of ketchup (tomato sauce!) on your copper jewelry and let it sit for a bit. Wipe it off with a cloth and rinse. 

- At Leander D'Ambrosia Wearables we take the time to carefully wrap your new jewelry in a special, treated, anti-tarnish tissue paper before it goes into the box. Keep this white tissue and add it to your jewelry box to keep all of your jewelry nice and bright for years to come. 


  • Will it turn my skin green?

- Some jewelry lovers report that copper jewelry turns their skin green wherever the jewelry touches their skin. Some people have a terrible time with this, yet others can wear copper everyday and have no skin discoloration issues. 

- Copper simply reacts to our skin's chemistry - some of us have more acidic skin which is the culprit for copper skin discolorations. 

- Jewelry that fits snug against the body such as copper rings, tight copper bracelets or stud earrings are more likely to discolor skin as humidity builds underneath. 

- Loose fitting bangles and cuffs don't usually cause skin irritations. 

- Dangle earrings don't touch the skin at all, so they are a great copper statement piece for someone who unfortunately suffers from copper skin discolorations. 

At Leander D'Ambrosia Wearables we want you to be able to comfortably wear your wearables. If you order a copper piece from us and happen to suffer skin discoloration, we will happily return or exchange your items. 

(*returns and exchanges must be discussed within 7 days of receiving your order). 


  • Copper for arthritis

- We are by no means medical experts and can't stand behind any healthful claims, however we have been told time and time again by arthritis suffering clients that pure copper jewelry is a god-send for pain relief. 

- It is best to wear the copper as close to the source of pain as possible. For example, in the fingers - wear copper rings. In the wrists - copper bangles or copper cuff bracelets.  

- We would love to hear your thoughts on this so please be inspired to email us with your experiences!


So basically, we encourage you to give copper a go and spice up your jewelry collection with something new! You've got nothing to loose when you order with us - we will happily return or exchange your pieces if your body is not suited to copper!