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Leander D’Ambrosia Wearables is a small, family run business with Leander being the primary designer, maker and operator. Our operations are humble and all pieces are made in our small 100-year-old adobe studio in the Barrio of downtown Tucson, Arizona - where the desert warms our hearts and ignites the creative fire that inspires the enchanting designs of Leander D’Ambrosia Wearables.

In the first few weeks of 2013 Leander took the plunge, quit her day job and dedicated herself to manifesting a life long dream – making and sharing her artwork full time. Within days her small studio in her home became the full-fledged headquarters for her creativity. Flat sheets of untouched metal is stacked high on bench tops and nests of spooled wire hang from the walls. Half finished works in progress are shifted from pile to pile in a kind of organized chaos that only Leander can make sense of. Pliers and hand tools are extensions of her fingers and are controlled as though they are another set of limbs. Leander doesn’t have a strict start-to-finish making method. Some pieces are sketched and premeditated on paper first while some ideas are spontaneously realized while she plays with the materials in her hands and lets the intuitive process take over. She makes every single piece by hand. When the creative juices just aren’t happening – which may be hard to believe given her prolific portfolio – Leander puts on one of her many other hats and attends to back end work such as maintaining her website, photographing and editing images, marketing, graphic design, goal setting and list making.

Leander D’Ambrosia Wearables has been in business for 6 years and has steadily grown to become a trusted, revered jewelry line for those wishing to adorn themselves with one of a kind, artisan-made jewelry. Specializing in retail, wholesale and custom designs, Leander D’Ambrosia Wearables is loved by happy customers all over the globe.

To gain a fresh perspective and new found inspiration, Leander loves to hit the road and travel to Mexico in either her mint green '49 Dodge or '69 VW Kombi with her husband Michael, two toddlers Rosa and Marisol and their golden retriever pooch named Kino.

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